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Management policy

Management policy

"To attain each individual's happiness", we contribute our technologies to the society to realize a more affluent world; we care life of each employee as well as we pursue our company's growth to enjoy both prosperities at the same time.

Maeda Corporation believes that the company's growth can be achieved when all the employees' happiness are attained, which eventually leads to our customers' satisfaction and gains trust from the customers.


All of our employees have decided to go to attain each individual's happiness based upon our management policy.  We wish that this direction would meet expectation of customers to be accepted as "a company of customers' needs ".


Quality policy

  1. We never stop improvement to obtain our customers' satisfaction and we manufacture our products with abundant ideas and services so that we can be a trustworthy company for every customer.
  2. We prepare the environmental circumstances so that any individual employee can demonstrate their abilities to enjoy the products. We share individual's dreams and company's vision to grow together.
  3.  We develop our products with our own technologies to establish our own product capabilities and become a unique number one company. We secure decent lives of our employees and return proper benefits to our stockholders and the society to become a everyone's company.
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